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Howdy Newgrounds!

2011-01-30 21:03:08 by Johnkirk

Hey whoever is reading this. I'm assuming that you are here in part because of my part in the January Movie Jam, where I wrote the story for "What's the Worst". Special thanks to GotRedOnYou and aSpoothead for picking it and doing an awesome job on it!

One thing you should know about the story. My goals for the jam, in which we had to write a story for a one minute flash, was to write a story that was basic, easy to animate, and at the very least clever and still enjoyable to watch. I also have a small dialouge of my writing titled "Snows of Our Youth" For just another writing sample if you wish to read it.

I am willing to work on other projects, however, In the music and voice acting department, I am on hold for now since my microphone is out of order. I can still write and the position of "meloveyoulongtimer" remains stable at $5 per dirty word via paypal. Let me know and I can help out anyway I can.

Thanks for reading!


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